Monday, 18 July 2016

Why Aren't I In The Olympics!?

Life As A Cyclist

Wow! Look at that, Chad Adair already finished his three kilometers and isn't breaking a sweat?!

Hi everyone, today is about being a Cyclist. Being a cyclist must be hard because they probably have to train a lot, they get sore legs and they might be very tried before their big day comes. I LOVE riding bikes especially down hills because, the wind is in my face and I get to go zooming down. If I was a Cyclist I would be excited, happy, scared and tried.

What Would Cyclist Eat?

Cyclist would probably eat food such as, Vegetables, Fruit, Steak, Fish, Chicken and other proteins. Firstly, we should fruit and vegetables because it's healthy. Secondly, meat and grains have good proteins and taste so good with vegetables. Thirdly, it's not always a good idea to eat treat meals all the time. Treat meal is another way of saying junk food. 

What Does A Cyclist Wear?

If I was a Cyclist I would have to wear Lycra shorts, special shoes, tight-fitting jerseys, even gloves with holes in the back... Oh and a helmet for safety. Some Cyclist have to wear a full on body suit. The body suit, tight- fitting jerseys and the Lycra shorts are made of special materials so, the Cyclist don't feel to much wind when Cycling.

Here is a picture of me almost ready for my bike ride. 
In this picture I'm on my bike getting warmed up before my competition. 

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  1. Hi Jessica!

    You look all ready for your upcoming competition! I love the picture of you on your bicycle. It's a great 'action shot!'

    I also really enjoyed reading all of the information that you shared with us about what cyclists wear and what they eat as part of their training. It is so important that they eat well and avoid having too many treat foods. (I liked the way that you explained that 'treat' foods were the same as 'junk' foods. That is a really helpful thing to do as some people wouldn't necessarily know that they are the same thing).

    After reading your post I got inspired to do some research. There is actually a huge cycling competition happening right now in Europe called the 'Tour de France.' It is a three-week long cycling race that involves thousands of competitors. They have to bike all over the place, up and down mountains and through villages. It's a very difficult race. According to the Business Insider magazine, each athlete burns about 7000 calories a day on their bike. This means that they have to eat a HUGE amount of food (the equivalent of 6 pounds of steak, 24 protein bars and 6 high energy drinks) in order to have enough energy to compete. That's a lot of food!

    I hope that you get the chance to get out on your bike this week-end. The weather is supposed to clear up a bit and you might have the chance to ride down a few hills with the wind blowing in your hair. That is such a great feeling, isn't it?

    Keep up the awesome work, Jessica!

    Cheers, Rachel