Monday, 11 July 2016

Day One... Winter Learning Journey Part One

Once Upon a Time in Olympia…
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Olympia was an ancient city in the country of Greece. The ancient city of Olympia was the site of the first ever Olympic Games. There were event such as, running, boxing, wrestling, discus throwing, pankration, horse and chariot races, and the pentathlon. The came to an end in 393 which would have been thousands of year ago.
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If I got to compete in the Olympic Games I would be very interested in the horse racing, also known as, "The Equestrian Races". Being in a horse race would be exciting but, scary at the same time. Equestrian races ( Horse Racing) is an event that involves horses, carriages also called chariot.

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If you don't know what pankration is well it's a form of martial arts that is combined with wrestling and boxing. Pankration in my opinion sounds pretty intense and probably an event for men.

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Image - Stadium (Ancient Olympics).jpg Fun Fact : Kicking and hitting were allowed but biting and gouging an eye or soft spot with a thumb or finger were forbidden.

The athletes ran from one side of the stadium to the other. The athletes ran two lengths of the stadium. The athletes ran approximately 20 lengths of the stadium which, is pretty long. If I had to run 20 lengths of the 393 Olympics I would be SUPER tired and I mean SUPER tired.

There're are lots more information about the Olympics in 393 so wait for my next post coming soon. Look out for "Day One... Winter Learning Journey Part Two".


  1. Hi Jessica,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I am so happy that you have decided to join our blogging programme this holiday. Your first post is incredible! It is so detailed and informative. I had no idea that you could kick and hit but not gouge an eye or a soft spot on the body during the martial art competitions in ancient times. You have clearly done your research!

    I am already very excited to read your next post and will look out for it when I'm checking the Ruapotaka posts on Wednesday. (I am checking each school's blogs once every two days). I hope that you will have time between now and Wednesday to post your next blog!

    Until then, Rachel

  2. Talofa Lava Jessica,

    I learnt so many things about the Olympics like what they do in horse racing,pankration and running. I loved the way you added some personal thoughts instead of just information. I'm so excited for the next post.

    From your best friend Riiana.

  3. Talofa Riiana,

    Thank you for your positive comment on my blog. I'm glad you learnt a lot and you're on my blog reading my post. I'm so excited to go on your blog and read all your post!

    From your best friend, Jessica