Friday, 30 December 2016

Day 7 Week 2 (bonus): What Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat at least a piece fruit for breakfast you still get a lot of energy for the day. Having breakfast can help you and your brain through-out the day, because believe me you don't won't to be working with an empty stomach. Sadly not everyone agree's with me that breakfast is the most important meal, what do you think? Comment below.

The Arguments I Read

According to numerous researchers and fitness experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They argue that people who eat breakfast will have more energy, be in a better mood, be able to think more clearly, do better at school and end up healthier than people who don’t eat breakfast.
Interestingly, not everyone agrees. In fact, some people believe that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day because people often eat too much food at breakfast time, gain weight and become unhealthy. They think that it is better to skip breakfast and eat a number of small meals later in the day.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Day 7 Week 2: Chomp Chomp Chomp!

It's morning time, I have to get food into my stomach. My family and I went to the closest restaurant near us. We looked at the the most common breakfast. White rice, fish, meso soup and natto (fermented beans). To be honest I don't think fish is good for my family to eat in the morning. In New Zealand we would eat baked beans and scrambled eggs on toast. If I had to chose between this breakfast's I would chose baked beans and scrambled eggs on toast... Why? Because I don't eat fish a lot. Also because I like the melted butter on the freshly made toast.

Day 6 Week 2: We've ARRIVED!

We are here! Goodbye New Zealand and hello Japan! We finally arrived to Japan. I can't to start exploring!

To Japan we go!
Really nervous
An new adventure awaits
Very hyper!
Excited to be traveling!
Looks really exciting!
In the plane we go!
Never been scared of heights!...(not)
Gathering more and more information

 (Photo's are from when I went to Australia)

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Day 6 Week 2 (bonus): Learning Japanese

If were're traveling to Japan then we NEED to know some important phrases.

Good Morning = おはようございます Ohayōgozaimasu

Goodbye = さようなら Sayōnara

How much does this cost? = この費用はいくらですか?Kono hiyō wa ikuradesu ka?

When is the next bus? = 次のバスはいつですか?Tsugi no basu wa itsudesu ka?

Where is the nearest hospital? = 一番近い病院はどこですか?lchiban chikai byōin wa dokodesu ka?

Having trouble saying these phrases? Go on google for some help. 

Day 5 (bonus): The Demon That Lurks The Earth

I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then… I saw a mysterious creature outside my bedroom window.
It seemed harmless… Well that’s what I thought. My name is Tamako~Sama, I am 18 and own a dog called Cuddles
. I live on a small island called Korana. I live in the woods with my brother, Koru~Sama.
Anyways my week started like this… I woke up and looked outside…
I then saw a mysterious dim red figure staring at me with it’s mysterious eyes and razor-sharp teeth.
Suddenly it disappeared  without leaving a mark.

W-W-What was that!?” I said with confusion and fear. While brushing my teeth I wasn’t focused.
I got changed into a grey top with lots of tiny black feathers and with the number 82 on it also.
I completed my outfit with some simple black tights. I went to kitchen to cook breakfast.
Breakfast is SEVERED! For breakfast we had waffles with chocolate syrup with banana slices.

While sitting at the table chomping on my food, I saw the dim red figure again outside the kitchen window.
“D-Did you see that Kuro~Sama?” I said curiously. “See what Tamako~Sama?” replied Kuro~Sama.
“N-never mind... “ I replied while watching it dissolve into midair.
“Tamako~Sama you’re crazy” Said Koru~Sama.
Then silent came… I decided to go for a stroll with Cuddles to lighten the air.

Suddenly Cuddles started growl at something. I looked around then… I had a vision.
I was flying, I had long black hair with split ends, I saw an angel,  I felt awful, I felt… evil.
Then I opened my eye’s. I was unsure where I was until I saw Cuddles staring at me.
I felt weak and unsteady. We continued walking until we came across dark and mysterious forest.

I slowly walked in the dark forest with Cuddles. I was fine until I saw The dim red figure appear in front of me.
That’s where things went wrong. I was frightened. I stayed still then I heard… an alien like voice.
The voice said “I’ve been watching you… you don’t know what to do, you’re… afraid.” I tried to walk away but,
the voice said “You can’t escape… I’m everywhere but you don’t know that”. “W-w-what!?”. “Run…” “What!?”,
“Run away but I’ll catch you”. I tried to escape the forest but couldn’t. I decided to trick the spirit but I couldn’t.
Suddenly it started to float towards me and said “Goodbye”.

It was in me, I remember the vision I had, it wasn’t my crazy mind it was warning me,
about the demon that was lurking inside of me.
I didn’t know who I was… I wasn’t Tamako~Sama that I knew. Suddenly I heard the same mysterious voice again.
"You’re not who you think you are, you’re different on the outside. You’re terrifying, you’re corrupted with....” No answer.
I couldn’t control myself, I felt like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move or call for help and most importantly I couldn’t... I couldn't
warn anyone about the demon that lurks the earth.
You thought I was enough to scar the community well unfortunately not, my cute Cuddles wasn’t cute and cuddly he was...
horrifying. he put chills up my spine.

Three… Two… One… I was gone. “Aha! I’m back! Everyone will know me as Jun~Sama and my noble steed Midnight!”
I flew high in the sky and saw an old village with farms, shops and everything nice. I flew closer and closer.
I landed in the center of the village where everyone saw me. “Hello madam are you lost?’’, "Actually I’m hunting’’.
“Oh… what are you hunting for?’’, "Souls". The man did not respond. He stood there afraid not knowing what to do.
Everyone looked at each other in panic and worry. The man said ‘’WHO are you!?’’, ‘’Me you mean me…
Oh darling I’m your worst nightmare, Jun~Sama and my noble steed Midnight!’’....

To be continued…
(Sorry for the small writing! My computer isn't working probably)

Day 5: Popular Books

I've been reading some book reviews of popular books in Canada right now. I found an interesting one.

Book 1: By Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games (Book 2) Catching Fire
I chose this book because there are lot's of problems to be solved. The books are re-telling the movie which is such a good idea... Why? Because someone might not be able to watch the movie so they have the book to read. In the comments below tell me if you agree with me or disagree. Katniss and Peeta are having some problems and I can't wait to find out how they solve the problems.                                                                                                                                                                    
 The Book Review                                                                                                           
Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. She and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and her longtime friend, Gale. Yet nothing is the way Katniss wishes it to be. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol - a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create. Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she's afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her even more is that she's not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol's cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can't prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lost in their love for each other, the consequences will be horrifying.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Day 5: Looking For Something To Read?

I've read lot's of books this year and can't image boarding a plane without something to read. I'm going to list three books you should check out and read, take on a plane or read whenever you're traveling.

Book 1: By Jack Heath - Scream: The Squid Slayer

This is an adventure type book and has lot's of mysteries. Two girls best friends are trying to find answers to solve why the hear daunting moaning in a forest close by. They stumble across a massive squid and are surprised. They find more mysteries to solve and more answers to find. 

Book 2: By R.L. Stine - Goosebumps Horror Land: The Streets Of Panic
This book is good for anyone who likes mysteries and horror. Goosebumps books aren't too scary but they are a thriller. Two kids, Luke and Lizzie think they'll be safe in Panic Park... But there wrong. Panic Park is home to The Menace, a two-faced villain with a wicked plan to trap them both. 

Book 3: By R.L. Stine - Goosebumps - The Scarecrow Walks At Night
Again this book is for anyone who like horror. A girl called Jodie loves visiting her grandparents' farm. Her grandma make the best chocolate chip pancakes and her grandpa tells the scariest stories... But this summer the farm has really changed. Grandma and Grandpa are really worn (tired) out. They replaced the single scarecrow with twelve unpleasant-looking ones. One night Jodie sees something really odd. The scarecrows seem to be moving.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Day 9 Week 2: Interviewing My Dad

Today was the day I interviewed my dad. I asked him five questions and he gave me five anwsers.

My questions

1.What's your Name?

2.What's your culture?

3.How many siblings, bothers or sisters do  you  have?

4. Where were you born?

5.What's your favourite colour?

He's anwsers

1. Desmond 

2. Samonan

3. 2 girls and 3 boys

4. Auckland, New Zealand

5. Pink

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Christmas is a very special time to spend time with your family and celebrate someone's birthday. My Christmas was very fun and relaxing. My family had a barbeque  and played games.
For Christmas I got shampoo, a Magic Colour Set and an Intuos wacom set. My Christmas tree was colourful and had lots of glitter.

In the comments below tell me one thing you got for Christmas or what you did.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 4: Packing Already!

It's time for me to start packing. I have to be very careful about what I choose to pack.

Item's I'm Packing:
*Shoes and clothes
*Drawing book, pencils and a rubber
*A hat

The star (*) means it is very important for me to pack. In the comments below tell me five things you would pack.
( Some photos are ones I took)

Day 3 (bonus): Who Doesn't Enjoy Maths?

After researching other country's currency (Money) to match New Zealand's currency. It took some time but I finely finished all the maths. 

Australia= $862 Australian Dollars
$903 New Zealand Dollars
Japan= $147,172 Japanese Yen
$1,803 New Zealand Dollars
Malaysia= $7,182 Malaysia Ringgit
$2,314 New Zealand Dollars
United Arab Emirates= $7,219 United Arab Emirates Dirham
$2,837 New Zealand Dollars
South Africa= $27,296 South African Rand
$2,819 New Zealand Dollars
Germany= $2,182 Euros
$3,274 New Zealand Dollars
England= $1,442 Great British Pounds
$2,576 New Zealand Dollars
Chile= $1,582,030 Chilean Peso
$3,381 New Zealand Dollars
Mexico= $90, 664 Mexican Peso
$6,406 New Zealand Dollars
Canada= $2,064 Canadian Dollar
$2,231 New Zealand Dollars

Only New Zealand dollars, to travel to all these places will add up to $28,576. The most expensive flight in New Zealand dollars is Mexico with a price of $6,406 and the least expensive is Australia with a price of $903. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Day 3: Safety First

Safety is number one when traveling, no matter what vehicle or how long you're traveling. In this case my vehicle is a plane, an Air New Zealand plane. From Auckland to Japan which is a 10 hour and 50 minute ride. 

On a plane you MUST have your seat-belt on when you see the seat- belt light on. No matter what you MUST have your seat-belt on. If you have any phones of devices make sure to put it on airplane mode as Wi-fi is unavailable on a plane, but you can use Bluetooth. Make sure those small devices are kept in your clothing or in your care-on bags... Also if you're a bag is with you and the plane starts just put it under the seat in front of you.

If your plane is falling down fast then put your feet firm on the ground and lean your head on the seat in front of you... If there isn't a seat in front of you then place both of your hands on you head and stay calm.

For more information check out the Air New Zealand safety videos:
Air New Zealand Men In Black video
Air New Zealand Safety in Hollywood’ video

Day 2 (bonus): A New Opportunity

Have you been to Wellington? I haven't... If I could go to Wellington:
I would visit Mount Victoria. Why you ask well... I want to look at the 360-degree views from the top of Mount Victoria. I would go with my parents and have a picnic up there.

I would also go to the Seal Coast Safari . One because I personally think seals are adorable and they remind me of my cat.To get to the 'Seal Coast' you'll travel through private land, not accessible by the public. You drive for 20 rugged kilometers along the beach, over rocks and across small rivers, to Tongue Point. Home to a colony of  adorable New Zealand fur seals.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Day 2: What Do I Say To This? Bullfighting

One of the most popular activities in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is called ‘Bullfighting.’ It has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries. Not everyone supports bullfighting in Spain. In fact, about 30% of the population want it to be banned completely.

I personally don't think Bullfighting is such a good idea. Firstly because people can get several injures or could die. Secondly it's animal abuse to bulls and lastly once the bull is out you have to kill it which is very sad😞.

In the comments below tell me your opinion on bullfighting.

Day 2: What Should I know?

Have you ever been overseas? Do you know a lot about the country you're going to? Before you go overseas it is important that you learn a bit about the country you're visiting. Before I go to Japan I need to know the basics.

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo. From July the 31st this year Tokyo's population has grown a hep. 13.62 million people live in Tokyo today. January is the coldest month at 5°C but, is the most sunniest month. 

Tokyo is located in the northwestern shore of Tokyo Bay. Japanese is the most common language in Tokyo . 

If you ever go overseas make sure you know the basics. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Day 1 (bonus): Heartbreaking News

Dear Mum,
I will be leaving soon to explore Japan and their beautiful highlights. Riiana is joining me. We will take care of each other and take lots of photos. Don't forget you can always call me or email me.  We will be living in Japan for 2 weeks.
We chose Japan because we want to learn more about, how they make their foods' and I really want to learn about Japans legends. I will miss you and the family...

Love Jessica xoxo  

Day 1: 日本=Japan

Want To learn about Japan? Well this blog post is just the right thing you need to read!

Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo and will again in 2020. They also hosted the 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo and Nagano. In 2014 on the 10th of October it was the fiftieth anniversary since the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Japanese cuisine has become popular around the world. Some well-known dishes are sushi, sashimi and tempura. These foods are made with raw fish and some cooked prawns.

Japan sits along the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, so has many volcanoes and experiences many earthquakes. In 2011, an earthquake hit Japan and created a tsunami which resulted in much devastation. It was a Friday afternoon a disaster struck as a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake generated a wall of water that surged over the east coast of the island nation, sweeping many to their deaths. 

Day 1: こんにちは=Kon'nichiwa

Hello or should I say Kon'nichiwa (こんにちは )!

In the Holidays' I'll be learning abut Japan and pretending I'm travelling in Japan, and you can join me! Japan is a country in the Pacific ocean made up of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are called: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. Japan is located to the east of Russia, China and Korea.

The population in Japan is unreal... just about 127.1 million people are living there. There are four main cities. These cities are Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sendai and Osaka. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. The *climate in Japan is mostly temperate however, it does *vary from north to south with colder temperatures (including snow) found in the north.

Japan is knowen for Sumo wrestling, baseball, football (soccer), judo, karate and kendo. Japan has 4 national lcons: 1. The cherry blossom tree, 2. The koi fish, 3. The red-crowned crane (bird), 4. The lychee fruit.

I choose Japan as my country because I've heard a lot of urben legends, I love there Cherry Blossom tree's and I am a third Asian.

*Climate means temperature
*Vary means to change or alter

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


This film is about how we grow and achieve our life goals. From when we were little to how we are now. The people involved were Alexandra, Jozlo, Riiana, Tupouseini and my teacher Mrs Buchanan. Thank you all for working with me.
Music: 7 Years and See You Again 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

"A Vision of Beauty"


Cute animals,
Musical birds,
Beautiful Waterfalls,
Dangerous creatures,
Massive mountains,
Mysterious eyes,           
Tall trees,
Bright flowers,
Strong rocks,
Gorgeous sunsets.

Pokemon Gotta Catch Them All!

Pokemon you gotta catch them all.
Out of breath.
Keeping calm.
Enemies become friends.
More and more friends everyday.
On going battles.
No one left behind.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Beautiful Blossoms Blooming

                                  Cherry Blossom Tree

How to make a gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tree
This Blossom tree is very easy to make. It’s super fun to create with a friend! So don’t forget to ask a friend to join you.

You will need:
  • A piece of A3 paper (White)
  • Black paint
  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Water paint (Blue and Green)
  • Paint (Cherry red, dark pink, purple and white)
  • A4 paper ( White)

  • Paintbrush
  • Straws


  1. Cover your table or the place where you’re painting with newspaper.
  2. Fill a container with water.
  3. Grab your A3 paper and dip your paintbrush in the water.
  4. Lightly dip your paintbrush in the blue water paint.
  5. Light strokes up and down the page, don’t forget to leave space for the grass.
  6. Repeat step 5 with the green water and paint in the extra space. Let it dry.
  7. Grab your A4 paper and dip some black paint on your paper.
  8. Blow air through a straw, to make a tree shape with your paint.
  9. Repeat step 8 but on your background. Once you’re happy with your tree let it dry and you can move on.
  10. Mix some Dark pink and white to make pink.
  11. Lightly dip your finger tip in the White paint and dab some dots’ on the brunches. Make sure they’re not to close to each other.
  12. Repeat step 11 but with the other colours. Let it dry

Tip: Add some dot’s to the bottom of the tree, but not too many.

There you go you have a gorgeous Blossom Tree to show to your friends and family.