Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Day 5 (bonus): The Demon That Lurks The Earth

I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then… I saw a mysterious creature outside my bedroom window.
It seemed harmless… Well that’s what I thought. My name is Tamako~Sama, I am 18 and own a dog called Cuddles
. I live on a small island called Korana. I live in the woods with my brother, Koru~Sama.
Anyways my week started like this… I woke up and looked outside…
I then saw a mysterious dim red figure staring at me with it’s mysterious eyes and razor-sharp teeth.
Suddenly it disappeared  without leaving a mark.

W-W-What was that!?” I said with confusion and fear. While brushing my teeth I wasn’t focused.
I got changed into a grey top with lots of tiny black feathers and with the number 82 on it also.
I completed my outfit with some simple black tights. I went to kitchen to cook breakfast.
Breakfast is SEVERED! For breakfast we had waffles with chocolate syrup with banana slices.

While sitting at the table chomping on my food, I saw the dim red figure again outside the kitchen window.
“D-Did you see that Kuro~Sama?” I said curiously. “See what Tamako~Sama?” replied Kuro~Sama.
“N-never mind... “ I replied while watching it dissolve into midair.
“Tamako~Sama you’re crazy” Said Koru~Sama.
Then silent came… I decided to go for a stroll with Cuddles to lighten the air.

Suddenly Cuddles started growl at something. I looked around then… I had a vision.
I was flying, I had long black hair with split ends, I saw an angel,  I felt awful, I felt… evil.
Then I opened my eye’s. I was unsure where I was until I saw Cuddles staring at me.
I felt weak and unsteady. We continued walking until we came across dark and mysterious forest.

I slowly walked in the dark forest with Cuddles. I was fine until I saw The dim red figure appear in front of me.
That’s where things went wrong. I was frightened. I stayed still then I heard… an alien like voice.
The voice said “I’ve been watching you… you don’t know what to do, you’re… afraid.” I tried to walk away but,
the voice said “You can’t escape… I’m everywhere but you don’t know that”. “W-w-what!?”. “Run…” “What!?”,
“Run away but I’ll catch you”. I tried to escape the forest but couldn’t. I decided to trick the spirit but I couldn’t.
Suddenly it started to float towards me and said “Goodbye”.

It was in me, I remember the vision I had, it wasn’t my crazy mind it was warning me,
about the demon that was lurking inside of me.
I didn’t know who I was… I wasn’t Tamako~Sama that I knew. Suddenly I heard the same mysterious voice again.
"You’re not who you think you are, you’re different on the outside. You’re terrifying, you’re corrupted with....” No answer.
I couldn’t control myself, I felt like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move or call for help and most importantly I couldn’t... I couldn't
warn anyone about the demon that lurks the earth.
You thought I was enough to scar the community well unfortunately not, my cute Cuddles wasn’t cute and cuddly he was...
horrifying. he put chills up my spine.

Three… Two… One… I was gone. “Aha! I’m back! Everyone will know me as Jun~Sama and my noble steed Midnight!”
I flew high in the sky and saw an old village with farms, shops and everything nice. I flew closer and closer.
I landed in the center of the village where everyone saw me. “Hello madam are you lost?’’, "Actually I’m hunting’’.
“Oh… what are you hunting for?’’, "Souls". The man did not respond. He stood there afraid not knowing what to do.
Everyone looked at each other in panic and worry. The man said ‘’WHO are you!?’’, ‘’Me you mean me…
Oh darling I’m your worst nightmare, Jun~Sama and my noble steed Midnight!’’....

To be continued…
(Sorry for the small writing! My computer isn't working probably)

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    WOW. This is stunning. Utterly stunning! I am so impressed with your story writing ability. Not only have you used beautiful grammar and sentence structure but you've also told us a really exciting and captivating story.

    I am blown away. Awesome work, Jessica!