Monday, 13 June 2016

Things That I Enjoy

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Konnichiwa, Talofa Lava, Bula Vinaka,                    

My name is Jessica and I am a year five student at Ruapotaka Primary School and my teacher is Miss Misela. I am 9 years old turning 10. I am a quarter Samoan, quarter Chinese and half Fijian. I have a pet puppy called Krillin and he’s half labrador.

My favourite singer is Nicki Minaj. I really like her song called " Superbass " I enjoy playing soccer with my friends and with my best friend Riiana. My favourite subjects at school are cybersmart, maths, reading and art!

My goal for maths is to make a graph as clear as possible and for reading my goal is to read more clearly. Cybersmart is really fun but I want to try make my cybersmart work more interesting.

Every Tuesday we have a Manaiakalani teacher called Mrs Grant come in. We are learning to create a positive digital footprint. We made some decisions on what we want to share on our blogs online.

I admire my dad and mum because they’re always there for me. I always try my best whenever I get encouraged or when I’m in the zone.


  1. hello i am shalom i like your art

  2. Hi i really,really love your art

  3. Hey I like your photos and I like your work.

  4. Hi jessica my name is Eve and I go to tamaki primary i just want to say i really like your art so much.