Thursday, 17 August 2017

A Puppy?

A Puppy?

What? A puppy, is this real life? Was I just dreaming or... Nah I must be imagining things, yeah that's it.

It all began on May the 21st 2016. A friend of my mothers just announced that, her dog just had four puppies. She offered my mother a puppy... FOR FREE! But there was one issue, we had to wait for 8 weeks! Ugh. My dad, mother and her friend kept it a secret until, there was only 1 week left. Once the secret was out, I was so excited! It was like I was bouncing off the walls! 

"Mum! Has it been a week yet?" 
I continuously asked that question, just waiting to be disappointed by "You have to wait for a few more days". Agh. Finally, the last night of the waiting game. I was so, definitely ready to become a big sister! I always would imagine what it would be like, having a little brother or sister. My imagination was bouncing in and out of my brain! I couldn't stop thinking about a new puppy as my new little sibling. That night I could barely sleep. Staring at my white ceiling while, listening to the soothing beat of my, clock, tick tock tick tock. Suddenly my vision went...blank. My eye's were tightly shut. Finally, I was asleep. It took me long enough! I got at least 4-5 hours of sleep but, I woke up the next day like a flower that just bloomed! 

I did the usual until it hit me... PUPPY! A new question popped up 

"Mum when are we going?"
I received an answer that wasn't disappointing for once!
My mother replied. It was a hot summer day but, I prepared for a new, adorable, cuddly puppy. My mother drove ALL the way out to the country side were her friend lived. The car drive took for EVER! I think I drifted off during the drive though...but you can't blame me! I did have the right amount of sleep besides, if I stayed up the WHOLE drive the drive its self would seem longer than it already was. Extra points, the drive only seemed about an hour long since I had a nap. I woke up just as we were driving into the drive-way, I saw my mother kind friend standing in front of her house waving to us. I waved back at her while gave her a great, big grin. 

We hopped out of the car with excitement. It felt like it was Christmas! I couldn't keep still. The nice friend welcomed us with a great big hug. She then, lead us towards the back of the house. I was jumping as if I was a kangaroo! Hopping about, cheerfully. I looked all happy and joyful but, really I was disgusted. It smelled like cow droppings! Once we got closer, a full grown, female dog came up to us. She greeted us with a little kiss, with her snout. She walked along side me, leaning on me just slightly. Anyways... As we continued walking, I could just hear the puppies crying. By now I couldn't contain my excitement. Finally! The puppies were right in front of me. There was a total of 4 puppies. 

"Which one's ours?" 
I asked curiously. The kind friend took a step forward and pointed to the second biggest puppy there was. 
"Right here. The second biggest of the bunch! Oh and one more thing it's a boy."
She replied. 
"The cutest actually!" 
My mother butted in. I couldn't argue with them. I was just beyond happy! But now there was a new and important question. What will his name be? I asked that question twice! Then I started thinking of an anime called "Dragon Ball Z". 
"How about... Krillin?"
My mother stared at me blankly.
"That sounds like the perfect name."
That was the best respond I could ever ask for! I gave a cheeky smirk look back at her. We grabbed 'Krillin' and got him ready for the long car trip home. 

He sat in the back of the car with me. Krillin laid his head on my lap while, I was lightly stroking his fur. Eventually he fell asleep. His fur was so SOFT! Soon after he fell asleep I fell asleep. 
"Huh? Where are we?" 
I arose from my slumber. My right leg felt so warm. I turned my head to see a little puppy next to me, sleeping peacefully. We stopped at an empty car park to stand up and stretch. I put Krillin on his new leash and gave him some fresh water. He was slurping the water as fast as he could. Krillin did splash some of the water and his saliva on to me. I thought that was gross. Ew. We jumped into the car once again. My mother drove ALL the way home. By now I really wanted to play with my new dog.

Finally! We had arrived. I made sure my cat wasn't around and Krillin had a safe step getting out of the car. My mother walked Krillin inside the house, to the flat. I could just see how excited Krillin was. He was wagging his tail so fast! When Krillin, my mother and I walked into the flat I closed the door behind me and there he was... My dad was sitting on the couch just waiting for us. Mum let go of his leash and Krillin ran to lick my dad's face. 

At the end of the day I then realised, that there were many more precious moments to come. Having a dog is huge responsibility! 


  1. A very good story Jessica, how old is your puppy? I also have a new puppy he is 9 months old and takes a lot of work to keep him clean and happy. Do you take your puppy for walks every day?

    1. My puppy is 2 years old but, in dog years he is 24 years old.

      We try to take Krillin for walks everyday but, we're usually busy.

  2. He is certainly not a puppy anymore is he Jess. He is huge with a big bark and very big teeth!!!

    1. Yes that is true but, he will always be my puppy.

  3. Your puppy is so cute and you are lucky you got it for free Jess