Sunday, 28 May 2017

"Catching The Bus In Samoa" - Reading

Today my group read "Catching The Bus In Samoa". We were comparing what it is like to catch a bus in New Zealand and Samoa. There is a big difference between Samoan bus' and New Zealand bus'.

Samoan Bus'                                                        New Zealand Bus'
  •               Plastic windows                                                      Glass windows
  •               No doors                                                                  2 doors 
  •               Uncomfortable seat padding                                 Comfortable seat padding
  •               Small                                                                         Big
  •               Bright coloured                                                         Limited colours

I thought this was very interesting. I never knew how different the bus' would be.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Malo e lelei... What Does That Mean?

These  past view weeks we went into groups of 4 and made a presentation about Tonga. I am Samoan so I don't know much about Tonga but, I found it very interesting learning about Tonga. I have learnt how hot it get's in Tonga, the language and the capital city of Tonga. 
Thanks to Leaaepeni, Joanlisi and Tyra for being in a group with me.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

"Don't Waste The Water!" - Reading

                                                 "Don't Waste The Water!"

This article takes place in Samoa - Apolima and Manono. A young Samoan girl called Elisapeta Manupo lives a life of responsibilities. She wakes up early every morning at 6 and gets dressed. Elisapeta grabs a wooded pole and two plastic buckets. She balances the buckets on her shoulder using the wooded pole. Holding the buckets, she walks down a winding path to a well. The well has fresh water to drink. She avoids the leaves and fills the buckets with water. Carrying the heavy buckets on her shoulders she walks back home.
That was a quick summery of "Don't Waste The Water!". I enjoyed reading this book because I learnt some Samoan words and I now know how difficult some people's life's can be.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Lucky One


Family… Why is family important to me? My family are my closes friends. I have a Samoan family so, my family is quite big. I live with 5 people plus one puppy and one cat. Some people don’t even have families so I am lucky I have one.

F is for “ Forever together no matter what “.
A is for “ Always there for each other “.
M is for “ Making lots of memories to remember “.
I is for “ Incredibly fun “.
L is for “ Laughing together “.
Y is for “ Yawning together making funny faces “.

Write about it!
Write your own speech about something important to you. Church? School? Family?
Why is it important to you?

On Monday for reading my group had to write a speech about something important to us. It's not much but it's something. I find it really sad that some people don't even have families but, people with families shouldn't take it for granted.

Let Term 2 Begin!

May the 1st Monday, time for term 2 to begin.
" Jess, get ready for school! "
That is what my mum said to me this morning. I looked at so tried then remembered school was starting again. It's going to be a really busy term and new things to do.

This term we started to do some science experiments. We do them on Friday's or Thursday's.  We just started learning about Tonga. I am not Tongan so I don't know much. I am so excited for term 2 to go on and for the rest of the year. School to some kids is boring but I enjoy school so, I get bored in the holidays really fast.