Thursday, 4 May 2017

Lucky One


Family… Why is family important to me? My family are my closes friends. I have a Samoan family so, my family is quite big. I live with 5 people plus one puppy and one cat. Some people don’t even have families so I am lucky I have one.

F is for “ Forever together no matter what “.
A is for “ Always there for each other “.
M is for “ Making lots of memories to remember “.
I is for “ Incredibly fun “.
L is for “ Laughing together “.
Y is for “ Yawning together making funny faces “.

Write about it!
Write your own speech about something important to you. Church? School? Family?
Why is it important to you?

On Monday for reading my group had to write a speech about something important to us. It's not much but it's something. I find it really sad that some people don't even have families but, people with families shouldn't take it for granted.

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