Sunday, 23 October 2016

Thank You, Nicky and Sigred

Room 10 @ Ruapotaka
10a Taratoa Street
Auckland 1072

Nicky & Sigred
22/188 Quay Street
Auckland 1142

21st October 2016

Dear Nicky and Sigred

Thank you so much for paying for our buses to go to the Botanical Gardens to allow us to learn about plants, how a garden helps us and to learn new words. I really enjoyed looking at the blossom trees and different sculptures as well as plants.

Thank you again.


Monday, 17 October 2016

A Day In The Garden

On Thursday the 13th of October Ruapotaka school went on an adventure to the Botanical Gardens in Auckland. I was extremely excited! I saw gorgeous flowers everywhere! Even the entry had marvelous flowers!

We walked in and saw trees all shapes and sizes and different varieties. I also tried to get a good view of different sculptures and tiny details on flowers. While hiking I heard birds chirping, their beautiful songs, busy, buzzing bees working... I even heard water dripping from waterfalls. We walked pass a few cute dogs and puppies with their owners.

My favourite sculpture was the waterfall *also known as “Turn”. This sculpture was my favourite because instead of having a regular waterfall with water flowing down, they made a staircase waterfall. The waterfall (*AKA Turn) reminded me of the stairs from “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”.

Wherever I walked I could smell nice perfumes in the air.  We approached some beautiful blossom trees surrounding a massive field with a Japanese sculpture in the center. Being around the cherry blossom trees I felt like I was exploring Japan’s beautiful highlights.

As we were walking we came across a beautiful bunch of magnolia flowers. They were one of my favourite flowers because they had a nice blush pink colour with white on the outsides. The petals were long and looked pretty strong and straight too. The Magnolia had great long green leaves. I really enjoyed going to the Botanical Gardens and learning about plant cycles and other scientific garden terms.

Website link: Botanical Gardens