Monday, 18 September 2017

Maui And... A Crane?

Maui And... A Crane?
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We've all heard about Maui and the Sun right? But what if we put Maui in 2017. What would he do in a modern time? Let's continue then shall we.

Early in the morning we meet Maui. Maui works for an establishment an hour away from his house. He lives with his 5 brothers, he is the eldest. One day, out on the job Maui felt extremely hot. He felt like the day was never ending. As he went on with his job he felt a little vibration, coming from him pants. It was his phone.
"Hey bro, What's up?" I questioned him
"BRO, HELP ME OUT! I THINK THE SUN HAS STOPPED!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.
I thought he was joking but I couldn't tell.
"What do you mean The sun has stopped?" I questioned him again.
"I mean the sun has stopped, look the sun has stayed in the same place for 2 hours now!" He exclaimed.
I looked up to see where the sun was. The sun was I the same spot from earlier.
"Hey, meet me at my house. I have a plan, bring the other 4 too."
"Okay, you better have a good explanation."
(Beep Beep)
As my brother hung up I was zooming to my car.

I dashed threw traffic and made it in time to meet my brothers. Finally, I've arrived. All my brothers were there in front of their trucks.
"Okay, so what's the plan?" My youngest brother asked.
"Good, okay here's the plan. We all drive down to my work. We'll hire a crane, hook me up to it and I'll wear some sun protective glasses. When I'm high enough I'll wake up the sun." I explained.
"Sounds like a plan" My second older brother said while agreeing with me.
We were off, we rushed threw traffic once again.

Finally we've arrived at my work. I quickly dashed into the front office and hired a crane. My brother handed me the sun protective glasses and jumped back into his truck and waited for a signal.
"Meet me in Town Square!" I shouted out.
They all nodded. I was driving the crane down street, feeling a hole lot of eye's watching me. I arrived at Town Square with this massive crane and 5 trucks behind me. I buckled up my safety belt and attached it to the hook on the crane. One of my brothers thought ahead and brought a bucket filled with water.

I held the bucket in one hand and held on to the big chains on the crane.
"Let me fly" I said referring to 'Let me up in the air'.
My heart was beating... I was so nervous, what would happen if this didn't work? My brother raised me up into the air high enough to spill the icy water on the sun. Man, it was hot up there, I could barely breathe! I spilled the freezing cold water on the sun, I was waiting to see what would happen... The suspense was unreal. My brother lowered me down while I was shaking my head in a disappointing matter. Did my plan work? Did my plan fail? Once my feet were able to touch the ground I did not say a word. Silence. We were all completely silent... Then, all of a sudden one of my brothers call out,
We all raised our heads... My mouth dropped.
"It worked! It actually worked!" I shouted loud and proud.
The sun had moved from its original spot! We all cheered and celebrated.
"Who knew my plan would work! Well, thanks to you all it did!" I exclaimed cheerfully.

(Later that day)
So, we returned the crane, once again I drove down the street with the crane and a few eyes'. After that I drove home in my normal car to find all 5 of my brothers waiting for me.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Now the moment of truth... Will the moon raise." A brother stated.
We all looked up waiting to see the moon. A few minutes pasted and then... The moon bright as can be was found.
"Aright then, let's go inside. We're having a feast tonight to congratulate Maui" Said one brother.
We all went inside and ate a bunch. Then everyone went home and lived their lives.

The End

Monday, 11 September 2017

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

One People

(A paragraph from the text)
The next day, 6 February, the chiefs met again. Hobson wasn't expecting a hui (company) that day and was wearing casual clothes. He had to quickly put on his naval hat in order to look more official. The Treaty was read aloud, and then around forty chiefs signed it. As they did this, Hobson said, "He iwi tahi Tatou." ("We are one people.")
A number of copies of the Treaty were made and taken around the country. Not all iwi got to see the Treaty, and some chiefs decided against signing. Others were fearful about the Treaty would mean but signed anyway. Over the next seven months, over five hundred chiefs signed their names or moko - almost all of them on the te reo Maori version.

This was a very educational. There was a lot of information in the text that I did not know. I would recommend this article to the young youth who don't know much about New Zealand history.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A Puppy?

A Puppy?

What? A puppy, is this real life? Was I just dreaming or... Nah I must be imagining things, yeah that's it.

It all began on May the 21st 2016. A friend of my mothers just announced that, her dog just had four puppies. She offered my mother a puppy... FOR FREE! But there was one issue, we had to wait for 8 weeks! Ugh. My dad, mother and her friend kept it a secret until, there was only 1 week left. Once the secret was out, I was so excited! It was like I was bouncing off the walls! 

"Mum! Has it been a week yet?" 
I continuously asked that question, just waiting to be disappointed by "You have to wait for a few more days". Agh. Finally, the last night of the waiting game. I was so, definitely ready to become a big sister! I always would imagine what it would be like, having a little brother or sister. My imagination was bouncing in and out of my brain! I couldn't stop thinking about a new puppy as my new little sibling. That night I could barely sleep. Staring at my white ceiling while, listening to the soothing beat of my, clock, tick tock tick tock. Suddenly my vision went...blank. My eye's were tightly shut. Finally, I was asleep. It took me long enough! I got at least 4-5 hours of sleep but, I woke up the next day like a flower that just bloomed! 

I did the usual until it hit me... PUPPY! A new question popped up 

"Mum when are we going?"
I received an answer that wasn't disappointing for once!
My mother replied. It was a hot summer day but, I prepared for a new, adorable, cuddly puppy. My mother drove ALL the way out to the country side were her friend lived. The car drive took for EVER! I think I drifted off during the drive though...but you can't blame me! I did have the right amount of sleep besides, if I stayed up the WHOLE drive the drive its self would seem longer than it already was. Extra points, the drive only seemed about an hour long since I had a nap. I woke up just as we were driving into the drive-way, I saw my mother kind friend standing in front of her house waving to us. I waved back at her while gave her a great, big grin. 

We hopped out of the car with excitement. It felt like it was Christmas! I couldn't keep still. The nice friend welcomed us with a great big hug. She then, lead us towards the back of the house. I was jumping as if I was a kangaroo! Hopping about, cheerfully. I looked all happy and joyful but, really I was disgusted. It smelled like cow droppings! Once we got closer, a full grown, female dog came up to us. She greeted us with a little kiss, with her snout. She walked along side me, leaning on me just slightly. Anyways... As we continued walking, I could just hear the puppies crying. By now I couldn't contain my excitement. Finally! The puppies were right in front of me. There was a total of 4 puppies. 

"Which one's ours?" 
I asked curiously. The kind friend took a step forward and pointed to the second biggest puppy there was. 
"Right here. The second biggest of the bunch! Oh and one more thing it's a boy."
She replied. 
"The cutest actually!" 
My mother butted in. I couldn't argue with them. I was just beyond happy! But now there was a new and important question. What will his name be? I asked that question twice! Then I started thinking of an anime called "Dragon Ball Z". 
"How about... Krillin?"
My mother stared at me blankly.
"That sounds like the perfect name."
That was the best respond I could ever ask for! I gave a cheeky smirk look back at her. We grabbed 'Krillin' and got him ready for the long car trip home. 

He sat in the back of the car with me. Krillin laid his head on my lap while, I was lightly stroking his fur. Eventually he fell asleep. His fur was so SOFT! Soon after he fell asleep I fell asleep. 
"Huh? Where are we?" 
I arose from my slumber. My right leg felt so warm. I turned my head to see a little puppy next to me, sleeping peacefully. We stopped at an empty car park to stand up and stretch. I put Krillin on his new leash and gave him some fresh water. He was slurping the water as fast as he could. Krillin did splash some of the water and his saliva on to me. I thought that was gross. Ew. We jumped into the car once again. My mother drove ALL the way home. By now I really wanted to play with my new dog.

Finally! We had arrived. I made sure my cat wasn't around and Krillin had a safe step getting out of the car. My mother walked Krillin inside the house, to the flat. I could just see how excited Krillin was. He was wagging his tail so fast! When Krillin, my mother and I walked into the flat I closed the door behind me and there he was... My dad was sitting on the couch just waiting for us. Mum let go of his leash and Krillin ran to lick my dad's face. 

At the end of the day I then realised, that there were many more precious moments to come. Having a dog is huge responsibility! 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Turning Eleven...

Turning Eleven...

Turning eleven, the biggest life change EVER! Having a friend over, flipping out going crazy. I had the time of my life.

First, my best friend Riiana came over to my house at 9:55A.M. She came with a silver bag with what it looked like a donut cushion. We waited until it was 10 o’clock to leave the house and drive down to skateland, near Mount Wellington. I also invited two boys but they never showed up, so it was just the two of us.. My mum bought two tickets for us. Meanwhile when she was buying tickets Riiana and I were dancing behind her. When we were given our tickets we bolted to the front desk where you receive your roller skates and inline skates. I got size 8 inline skates while Riiana got size 8 roller skates.

We were at skateland for just over 2 hours. Riiana and I were practicing at the back of the rink, which was the darkest part the the buliding. I was trying so hard to convince Riiana to join me on the rink. She said “You go on first then, I shall follow you”. Of course I didn’t believe her but, I had to give it a shot. We skated to one of the far left entrances. Like she said, I went on first she started to follow me but, once I was at least one metre away she left me all alone. So I decided to do one lap INSIDE the rink without her. We only had ten minutes left of skating. I tried my very best to persuade Riiana to join me in the rink. She finally manned-up and came on with me. I was right beside her. I grabbed her hand and we went so fast around. When we lost our grip she slowed down so did I. Once our ten minutes we done we drove to Sylvia Park to grab some lunch.

We finally arrived at Sylvia and we were hungry. My mum bought Riiana Mc Donalds. She had a double cheeseburger, small fries and a medium sized frozen coke. I had some Asian salad with teriyaki chicken. While Riiana and I were eating we were chatting about, school, memes and funny videos we’ve seen on YouTube. I finished half of my food while Riiana only ate her fries and drank her drink. We went to Starbucks because my mum wanted a coffee. When Riiana was standing near my mum, I started cracking up laughing because she was taller than her. My mum exclaimed “You better not stand next to me” then, we were both laughing. We drove home once mum got her coffee. I opened my present from Riiana.

The first thing I saw was a game called “Gas Out” which was a fart cloud. I continuously pressed the fart cloud because it made funny fart noises. Riiana was furious with me! When I was lying down on the ground still pressing the fart cloud she sat on me! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move! I finally was able to get on all fours and crawl around. I felt like a donkey! She found that very funny while I was suffering. We were going to my aunt's house to receive a little birthday gift. I got given a hot pink envelope with $50 and a card. The card had a cute teddy bear, on it holding a teal present. While that was happening Riiana was sitting in the car thinking about how to rule the world without anyone knowing that they're helping her. When my mother and I returned to the car, I opened my door and saw what it looked like Riiana staring into the distance with an evil glare. We drove to Strength Tech (My dad’s gym). Riiana’s mum is a member so, we didn’t need to drop her off at her house. Once class was finished Riiana left and my mum and I drove home. I had one exciting day! Not to mention tiring.



It all began with my dad... He was doing some weightlifting in our garage. Everything was all happy games and fun until, he screamed for help.

My mother and I raced down stairs to investigate what the issue was. There laying on the ground was my dad. He was in a lot of pain. We rushed him to the hospital. While we were driving I was freaking out but, I didn't show my emotions. My father was explaining what had happened. Apparently he pushed himself a little too hard, over the boundaries. While I was listening, I was staring into the distance hoping my dad was going to be a-okay. I started to smile but, just slightly.

Once we arrived, we raced to the emergency department. They took my dad while my mother and I followed. The friendly nurse asked my mother some questions that required an answer. I was sitting there silently in the corner waiting to find out what was going to happen. By now my mind was blank... I couldn't keep my eyes' on the prize, knowing my dad was all right. My mother looked at me disappointed. She broke the bad news to me. 
"Jess, Dad will have to go to a special hospital..."
 I asked "Why?"
"Well" she said 
"Your Dad has dislocated his shoulder and will need to go to a special hospital. The hospital is based around fixing joints and bones." I stared outside sorrowfully

We waited outside for an Ambulance to arrive. Once the Ambulance arrived I said my goodbye's and gave my dad a slight hug. The Ambulance drove off while my mother and I started walking to the car. I was staring at the ground and didn't say a single word. A few weeks went by and my dad was still in recovery. It was so boring at home! There was not as much laughter or joy as usual, my house felt like a sad, boring, silent, Grey movie. Every morning my mother gave me big hug.

Finally! The day had come. Time to go pick up Dad! We drove ALL the way to the Joint Hospital. We were waiting...waiting and waiting then suddenly... KA POW! There he was walking out of the hospital smiling at the two of us. He was wearing a white Sling around his arm. The doctor discussed with us what we needed to do for my dad to recover. My mother and the doctor finally finished talking, we hopped into the car and drove off. I was beyond happy, my heart was filled with glee.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Back To School! Dun Dun Dun

14 days of relaxation then back to 10 weeks of school. The first Friday of my holiday was my birthday. I am officially eleven! Two days after it was my mum's birthday but, I was also invited to a birthday party. Two girls (twins) turned ten. 

I am relieved to be back at school. A new term has begun so I need so new goals. 
Maths: Use my multiplications to solve different time tables I have never seen before. (Example
13x18 = 
13x10 = 130
13x8 = 96
130+96 = 226