Monday, 20 November 2017

Blood Donors

Today, my reading group read an article called 'Blood In The Bank'. This took place at Penrose High School.

Heather Masson always wondered to herself whether some of her blood is about to be used to help save a life. She is a Blood Donor. Twice a year, the mobile blood-donor unit comes to Penrose High School, where she is a seventh former. Beds are set up in school assembly hall. Heather and the other students give a donation of blood for the blood bank.

That was a quick summery about what happened on the first page. I would write more but Blood In The Bank is such a LONG article.

Part 4 School Journal Number 1 1987

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lights, Camera... ACTION!

On The Big Screen
Yesterday, Wednesday the 8th of November, marked the 10 year anniversary for the Manaiakalani Cluster of schools. 10 years of making films. Leanah, Meafou, Vaimoana and I left before everyone else to be at the theatre by 12 o'clock. Leanah and I were presenters from my class, Room 10. Meafou and Vaimoana were presenters from Room 12. We had three different sessions to be presenting our films so we were 

Before it was our time to present we were nervous. 
"Can you feel the love tonight"
I sang that with my head high and filled with pride. Here is what we said;
(Jessica/Me) "Can you feel the love tonight... Isn't love just, the best!"
(Leanah) "Well, besides all that lovey dubby stuff, what is the true meaning of love?"
(Jessica/Me) "When you think about it, love... It's everywhere!"
(Leanah) "Hm... I wonder what comes to mind when people think of love?"
(Jessica/Me) "I'm Jessica"
(Leanah) "And I'm Leanah!"
(Together) "And we are year 6 students from Ruapotaka School"
(Leanah) "Enjoy our film"

Our film was called 'All About Love'. 
As we walked of the stage my heart was beating with joy! We rushed over to the next session in cinema 2. In the second session, our school was apart of the crowd. We were able to watch a lot of the films because, our class film was last! Although this did put a lot of pressure on us, presenters. Luckily we did it easy as pie. As we rushed to the last session 1 AKA the lux cinema it... Was... PACKED! Once it was our turn again, to present I almost got stage fright! As I was singing on the stage some yelled out
"Go Jess!"
When that happened I freaked out.

As we walked off the stage I couldn't stop smiling! I was so happy! Leanah and I waited for Viamoana and Meafou to present then we left the cinema. We, Miss Misela, Mrs Golder, Viamoana, Meafou, Leanah and I were so happy and proud. 

Us, four presenters took a few photos in front of our display, representing my school, Ruapotaka. We then headed of to a saute of the Incredible Hulk. Miss Misela decided to take a picture of us posing in front of it. I kneeled down in front of Meafou, Viamoana and Leanah, flexing my muscles. Once that was done we rushed out side to the car park to meet our van driver 'Mrs Brough' and the van. We all hopped in and drove back the Ruapotaka. As we drove back we were talking about; our favouite films, how we felt and we played a bit of I dare you. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Winning Ways

For reading Harry Potter read an article called Winning Ways. This is our follow up.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Where Shall We Put The Turbine? - Reading, Harry Potter

Where Shall We Put The Turbine?

This article was about how to find a perfect place to place a turbine. This took place at St Peter's College. There are varies wind symbols used on weather charts, the students had to learn. The wind symbols look very unique. To be honest remembering all the symbols would be pretty hard in my opinion. 
What about you? Comment what you think.

Term 4 Learning Goals

Monday, 16 October 2017

14 Days Of No School... YAY!

14 Days Of No School... YAY!

During the holidays I've spent a lot of time with my father. Every morning at 9:30A.M. my father woke me up to tag along with him to his gym. The first Monday was so fun! Every Mondays' is a 'Monster Set', which means there's most likely going to be a massive set. Those are really enjoyable. Tuesdays' are called 'Tabata Tuesday' which is basically 30 seconds of work then, 10 second rest. Wednesday afternoons we do a special class called 'ZUU'. ZUU is mainly working on animal movements. Thursdays' are the best! We take it back to the 90's because Thursdays' are 'Throwback Thursday'. Friday is just a chill day which, is pretty nice of my dad.

I trained at least 5 times a week. Now that was tiring.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Jessica's Learning Goals: Achieved Or Not? (Reflection)

I have achieved 4/5 goals from term one. 
Although I haven't achieved one, I am still happy with myself. This just means I need to work while thinking of my general goal.