Sunday, 7 May 2017

"Don't Waste The Water!" - Reading

                                                 "Don't Waste The Water!"

This article takes place in Samoa - Apolima and Manono. A young Samoan girl called Elisapeta Manupo lives a life of responsibilities. She wakes up early every morning at 6 and gets dressed. Elisapeta grabs a wooded pole and two plastic buckets. She balances the buckets on her shoulder using the wooded pole. Holding the buckets, she walks down a winding path to a well. The well has fresh water to drink. She avoids the leaves and fills the buckets with water. Carrying the heavy buckets on her shoulders she walks back home.
That was a quick summery of "Don't Waste The Water!". I enjoyed reading this book because I learnt some Samoan words and I now know how difficult some people's life's can be.

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