Wednesday, 9 August 2017



It all began with my dad... He was doing some weightlifting in our garage. Everything was all happy games and fun until, he screamed for help.

My mother and I raced down stairs to investigate what the issue was. There laying on the ground was my dad. He was in a lot of pain. We rushed him to the hospital. While we were driving I was freaking out but, I didn't show my emotions. My father was explaining what had happened. Apparently he pushed himself a little too hard, over the boundaries. While I was listening, I was staring into the distance hoping my dad was going to be a-okay. I started to smile but, just slightly.

Once we arrived, we raced to the emergency department. They took my dad while my mother and I followed. The friendly nurse asked my mother some questions that required an answer. I was sitting there silently in the corner waiting to find out what was going to happen. By now my mind was blank... I couldn't keep my eyes' on the prize, knowing my dad was all right. My mother looked at me disappointed. She broke the bad news to me. 
"Jess, Dad will have to go to a special hospital..."
 I asked "Why?"
"Well" she said 
"Your Dad has dislocated his shoulder and will need to go to a special hospital. The hospital is based around fixing joints and bones." I stared outside sorrowfully

We waited outside for an Ambulance to arrive. Once the Ambulance arrived I said my goodbye's and gave my dad a slight hug. The Ambulance drove off while my mother and I started walking to the car. I was staring at the ground and didn't say a single word. A few weeks went by and my dad was still in recovery. It was so boring at home! There was not as much laughter or joy as usual, my house felt like a sad, boring, silent, Grey movie. Every morning my mother gave me big hug.

Finally! The day had come. Time to go pick up Dad! We drove ALL the way to the Joint Hospital. We were waiting...waiting and waiting then suddenly... KA POW! There he was walking out of the hospital smiling at the two of us. He was wearing a white Sling around his arm. The doctor discussed with us what we needed to do for my dad to recover. My mother and the doctor finally finished talking, we hopped into the car and drove off. I was beyond happy, my heart was filled with glee.


  1. Did your heart break when your heard the bad news?

    1. Yes!

      My heart broke into many pieces that day, I found out.