Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day 8 Week 2: Summer Fun

In the summer like to swim with my auntie and two cousins. We have competitions on who can hold there breath the longest and who can knock down the chicken  first. "Knock Down The Chicken" is a team game with two people on each team, one person has to carry the other person on their back. The person on the getting carried has to knock the other person getting carried.

I also like going to Skate Land  with my mum. I use the inline skates. I go really fast around the rink. The rink is very slippery  and shiny. There are disco light's everywhere and music playing. They do rollerskating limbo and fun games and races.


  1. Hi Jessica!

    I love the pictures that you have posted of your time at the pool and at Skate Land. I have never heard of Skate Land before. It sounds like a lot of fun! I used to go skating a lot at home in Canada but we would skate on ice. It was pretty tricky, at first, to learn how to skate and how to stop without falling over. I can remember my grandfather taking me skating when I was quite young and giving me a chair to push around in front of me. When I held onto the chair I was able to stay upright and practice pushing off and gliding along the ice surface.

    When I went back to Canada recently I tried ice skating again and it was hard. I had forgotten everything that I had learned as a child. I realised that you really have to keep practicing your skills if you don't want to lose them. My grandfather used to tell me that all the time. I suppose that I should have listened!

    It's great to see that you are practicing your reading and writing skills this summer so that you don't lose them. You will head back to school at Ruapotaka and be all ready to launch into your next year of learning. Good on you!!!!

    Keep up the great work :)


  2. Hi Jessica!

    This is yet another awesome blog and you are really doing such amazing answers. Lots of detail and lots of interesting things to learn.

    I used to go rollerblading with my father and Cornwall park with my brothers and sisters. It was really fun. Just over by the bbq's.

    I hope you're enjoying your holidays!