Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Turning Eleven...

Turning Eleven...

Turning eleven, the biggest life change EVER! Having a friend over, flipping out going crazy. I had the time of my life.

First, my best friend Riiana came over to my house at 9:55A.M. She came with a silver bag with what it looked like a donut cushion. We waited until it was 10 o’clock to leave the house and drive down to skateland, near Mount Wellington. I also invited two boys but they never showed up, so it was just the two of us.. My mum bought two tickets for us. Meanwhile when she was buying tickets Riiana and I were dancing behind her. When we were given our tickets we bolted to the front desk where you receive your roller skates and inline skates. I got size 8 inline skates while Riiana got size 8 roller skates.

We were at skateland for just over 2 hours. Riiana and I were practicing at the back of the rink, which was the darkest part the the buliding. I was trying so hard to convince Riiana to join me on the rink. She said “You go on first then, I shall follow you”. Of course I didn’t believe her but, I had to give it a shot. We skated to one of the far left entrances. Like she said, I went on first she started to follow me but, once I was at least one metre away she left me all alone. So I decided to do one lap INSIDE the rink without her. We only had ten minutes left of skating. I tried my very best to persuade Riiana to join me in the rink. She finally manned-up and came on with me. I was right beside her. I grabbed her hand and we went so fast around. When we lost our grip she slowed down so did I. Once our ten minutes we done we drove to Sylvia Park to grab some lunch.

We finally arrived at Sylvia and we were hungry. My mum bought Riiana Mc Donalds. She had a double cheeseburger, small fries and a medium sized frozen coke. I had some Asian salad with teriyaki chicken. While Riiana and I were eating we were chatting about, school, memes and funny videos we’ve seen on YouTube. I finished half of my food while Riiana only ate her fries and drank her drink. We went to Starbucks because my mum wanted a coffee. When Riiana was standing near my mum, I started cracking up laughing because she was taller than her. My mum exclaimed “You better not stand next to me” then, we were both laughing. We drove home once mum got her coffee. I opened my present from Riiana.

The first thing I saw was a game called “Gas Out” which was a fart cloud. I continuously pressed the fart cloud because it made funny fart noises. Riiana was furious with me! When I was lying down on the ground still pressing the fart cloud she sat on me! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move! I finally was able to get on all fours and crawl around. I felt like a donkey! She found that very funny while I was suffering. We were going to my aunt's house to receive a little birthday gift. I got given a hot pink envelope with $50 and a card. The card had a cute teddy bear, on it holding a teal present. While that was happening Riiana was sitting in the car thinking about how to rule the world without anyone knowing that they're helping her. When my mother and I returned to the car, I opened my door and saw what it looked like Riiana staring into the distance with an evil glare. We drove to Strength Tech (My dad’s gym). Riiana’s mum is a member so, we didn’t need to drop her off at her house. Once class was finished Riiana left and my mum and I drove home. I had one exciting day! Not to mention tiring.


  1. Is turning 11 your favourite moment.

    1. Well, for now.

      But there will be many more life changing moments to come!