Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Showing Kawa Of Care

To show kawa of care with our chromebooks we need to:
  • Always wait until your turn
  • Hold your chormebook with two hands.
  • Walk carefully holding your chromebook.
  • When getting your chromebook always be very careful not to bang it.
  • When ever you pass a chromebook to someone always use two hands passing it and receiving it.


  1. talofa lava Jessica, you did a awesome job about Kawa Of Care and i think you will be careful when you a holding your Chromebook with two hands a have a nice day

  2. Bula Vinka Alexandra, thank you for your awesome and positive comment on my blog. I hope everyone in your classroom is showing Kawa Of Care and being very careful with their chormebooks.
    I hope you have an extremely awesome holiday.