Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 3 (bonus): Who Doesn't Enjoy Maths?

After researching other country's currency (Money) to match New Zealand's currency. It took some time but I finely finished all the maths. 

Australia= $862 Australian Dollars
$903 New Zealand Dollars
Japan= $147,172 Japanese Yen
$1,803 New Zealand Dollars
Malaysia= $7,182 Malaysia Ringgit
$2,314 New Zealand Dollars
United Arab Emirates= $7,219 United Arab Emirates Dirham
$2,837 New Zealand Dollars
South Africa= $27,296 South African Rand
$2,819 New Zealand Dollars
Germany= $2,182 Euros
$3,274 New Zealand Dollars
England= $1,442 Great British Pounds
$2,576 New Zealand Dollars
Chile= $1,582,030 Chilean Peso
$3,381 New Zealand Dollars
Mexico= $90, 664 Mexican Peso
$6,406 New Zealand Dollars
Canada= $2,064 Canadian Dollar
$2,231 New Zealand Dollars

Only New Zealand dollars, to travel to all these places will add up to $28,576. The most expensive flight in New Zealand dollars is Mexico with a price of $6,406 and the least expensive is Australia with a price of $903. 

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  1. Hi Jessica - great job with your maths. I love the title that you created for the blog post, 'Who Doesn't Enjoy Maths?' I am quite sure that there are plenty of people out there who don't enjoy it but, at least, we both love it! It's really fun to solve maths problems, like this currency conversion one, isn't it?

    Rachel :)