Saturday, 17 December 2016

Day 2: What Should I know?

Have you ever been overseas? Do you know a lot about the country you're going to? Before you go overseas it is important that you learn a bit about the country you're visiting. Before I go to Japan I need to know the basics.

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo. From July the 31st this year Tokyo's population has grown a hep. 13.62 million people live in Tokyo today. January is the coldest month at 5°C but, is the most sunniest month. 

Tokyo is located in the northwestern shore of Tokyo Bay. Japanese is the most common language in Tokyo . 

If you ever go overseas make sure you know the basics. 


  1. Hi Jessica, What very great information Jessica that you have writen down. I love the idea about learning the basic.Keep up the great work!

    From Leilani

  2. Good point, Jessica. You do want to make sure that you know the basics before you head overseas. There is so much that you need to prepare yourself for when you travel. Your post will be very helpful for anyone looking to go to Japan in January. They will know that it is cold and that they will need to pack warm clothes. They'll also know that it's a big, busy country and they'll need a good map and a phone when they arrive to help them find their way and avoid getting lost.

    Thanks for sharing this important 'basic information' with us, Jessica!

    Wishing you a safe journey,

    Rachel :)