Monday, 26 December 2016

Day 9 Week 2: Interviewing My Dad

Today was the day I interviewed my dad. I asked him five questions and he gave me five anwsers.

My questions

1.What's your Name?

2.What's your culture?

3.How many siblings, bothers or sisters do  you  have?

4. Where were you born?

5.What's your favourite colour?

He's anwsers

1. Desmond 

2. Samonan

3. 2 girls and 3 boys

4. Auckland, New Zealand

5. Pink


  1. Hi Jessica,

    It's wonderful to see that you have involved your dad in the Summer Learning Journey programme! I really enjoyed reading your interview questions. I particularly love the fact that your dad really likes the colour pink. Our family just recently adopted a cat and his name is Jackson. Aronui (my son) bought him a new collar with a name tag on it and, like your dad, he loves the colour pink so he bought Jackson a pink collar. I think that it looks really cool!

    I hope that you and your dad are having a great holiday time together. Will you have the chance to see many of your relatives over the break? Do you have any family living in Samoa at the moment? I have a few Samoan friends here in New Zealand and they always host their family over the holidays. They are originally from Apia. Where in Samoa is your dad's family originally from? Do you happen to know?

    Keep up the great blogging, Jessica! I love learning about your family and about your adventures through Japan!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I see lots of my relatives in the holidays... Actually my auntie and her daughter (my cousin) are coming over to visit my family.

      My dad's mother (my nana) and father (my papa) are originally from Samoa.

    2. Hi Jessica,

      It's great to read that your auntie and cousin are coming over to visit your family during the holidays. Have they arrived yet?

      I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful new years eve together.

      Happy (almost) 2017!


    3. Hi Rachel,

      Yes my auntie and cousin have already arrived. Happy New Years!