Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 4: Packing Already!

It's time for me to start packing. I have to be very careful about what I choose to pack.

Item's I'm Packing:
*Shoes and clothes
*Drawing book, pencils and a rubber
*A hat

The star (*) means it is very important for me to pack. In the comments below tell me five things you would pack.
( Some photos are ones I took)


  1. Hi Jessica!

    First off, I praise you for how you have gotten into the habit of really speaking with the reader, and offering the reader to contribute in a way to the activity. Good job!

    Five things I would take with me would be:

    - My passport
    - Clothes
    - Money
    - Device and phone to contact family back home
    - Camera for pictures and videos!

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I love how you have taken photos and included them in your blog post!

    My five items would be very similar to Willy's:
    -My NZ Passport
    -Mobile phone
    -Headphones for the flight that block out some of the noise

    Fantastic to see that you have chosen Japan - I look forward to reading more about the country on your blog!


  3. Hi Jessica, Carolyn and Willy,

    I completely agree with you guys! I would also bring a passport, money, phone, clothes and something to read. I like having a book with me when I am traveling through another country because I always have to spend time on buses, trains and airplanes and want something to read while I'm sitting around waiting to get to my next destination.

    At the moment I'm reading a book called a 'Causal Vacancy.' It was written by the same author (J K Rowling) who wrote the Harry Potter book series. I've only just started it but it's really good!

    Rachel :)