Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 3... Why Worry?

Why Worry

All I need is a little faith, my eighth wish.
 Swish goes my club, I'm frightened need a clapping crowd.
 Proud to be me, three more hits.
 It's terrifying, verifying the rules. 
Why worry I'm the best in my opinion!
(This is a poem about me in a golf competition)
(My Drawing)

Click the link below to listen to a song all about believing in yourself and about the NBC Olympics.

Rise - Katy Perry

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  1. Good morning Jessica!

    Thanks for providing us with a poem, a picture and a link to a great song. I hadn't heard Katy Perry's song, 'Rise,' or watched the video before. It is a promotional video for a television station in the United States of America called 'NBC.' They must have hired Katy and asked her to sing the background vocals for their video. It's quite similar in design to the #Be the Inspiration video produced here in New Zealand. There is actually an activity in the Winter Learning Journey programme dedicated to the #Be the Inspiration video. It is Day 4, Bonus activity. If you have time, please check it out and post a review of the video clip on your blog to earn points!

    Keep up the great work, Jessica :)

    Cheers, Rachel