Monday, 8 August 2016

Homework Or No Homework That Is The Question

 Homework Or No Homework That Is The Question

I think kids need to have homework to take home.

Firstly, kids need more homework to do more learning and get better at writing neatly. Taking homework home is a great opportunity to be better than before.
Secondly, if kids take homework home it can help their teachers if, they didn’t have enough time in class to teach them new things like, how the world works or how to multiply and much others.
Thirdly, homework is important because sometimes your teacher might need to have break maybe once or twice.
Finally, if kids don’t have homework they use most of their spare time on devices and could get sore eyes.

We wrote some persuasive writing to persuade people if kids should take homework. Half of my class went for homework and the rest went for no homework.

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