Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Who Came First?

Who Came First?

In case you didn't know what the Winter Learning Journey was then I'll tell you. The Winter Learning Journey was a blogging competition for rooms 9-12 in my school, Ruapotaka Primary. On Monday the 1st of August a special guest came to our school called Rachel Williamson. Rachel Williamson created the Winter Learning Journey. She held all the scores and checked  our blogs if we participated. There were at least 11 competitors in my school. There were only 2 participates in my class, room 9. Only 8 people from my school got a certificate for participating.
We were waiting to hear who came 3rd, 2nd and 1st. The person who came 3rd wasn't at school but the other 2 were. In 2nd place was Prudence and in 1st place was... ME! Here is a picture of all of us together with Rachel Williamson.

Here is another picture with me and my best friend Riiana, who participated.


  1. Well done Jessica! Well deserved prize after working very hard during the school holiday. It's good to see that you're great effort with learning has earned a reward.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I completely agree with Akesa. You worked so hard over the holidays and completely deserved your prize. I hope that you enjoyed the treats!

    I'm looking forward to coming into Ruapotaka School in November to talk about the next version of the holiday blogging programme. We are going to have another blogging challenge in the summer.

    See you then!!!

    Cheers, Rachel