Monday, 22 August 2016

So What Are You In For?

So What Are You In For?

Last week on Friday the 12th of August I went to the zoo with some year 3, 4, 5 and 6’s. Rooms 5, 6 and 7 went and saw animals from Africa.
We were split up into groups of 5 or less. I was split up with my classmates Riiana, Leanah, , Malia, Guinevere and Jozlo.
We saw mini otters swimming and talking to each other by sign language and by staring at each other. We walked around the zoo and ended up at the fearsome tigers. There were two exhibits for the two tigers. One tiger was hiding under a tree while, the other one was in the bushes on a white blanket. We roamed free until we came to a new exhibit with an Emu picking at the landscape. My group arrived at the Brolga birds. The Brolga have long stretched necks the colour of grey.

We appeared near the tortoises next to the ear-splitting macaws next to the spider monkeys. There were 3 enormous tortoises crawling very slow. Leanah took some photos using room 9’s tablet. Riiana and I walked over to the macaws, covering our ears. The macaws had blue, yellow, black, green and white feathers. We ate morning tea near the spider monkeys near the macaws, one of the spider monkeys were really naughty.

Three groups were near us and ate morning tea near us. Once everyone in my group finished eating we started to walk to the tarantula exhibit where we saw one deadly spider. Before the clock turned to 11:30 we started walking back to entrance so three zoo workers could take us to the African animals, to learn about them. A lovely lady called Kristy took Room 9, my old class to the hippo exhibit, to look at faith the hippo who has sadly died. We learnt a lot about hippo’s. Kristy took as to the baboons with very red bottoms. Everyone couldn’t keep focus because everyone saw the cheetah exhibit. Once Kristy finished talking some people asked if we could look at the quick cheetahs’, Kristy said of course.Most of the boys and some girls ran over to look, everyone was excited. There were 3 cheetahs but we only saw 1 cheetah behind a little hill.

We all said thank you to Kristy, then left in our groups but still a bit close to each other. We settled next to the lion exhibit to eat our lunch. When we were eating a cheeky chicken came around us. It was really hilarious because the teachers were trying to get rid of the chicken but, the chicken came back again and again.

Once we finished eating we started heading back to the bus.( We saw so many meerkats) When we all got together we said thank you to the zoo workers, then left. My favourite animal was the macaws because their colourful birds and who doesn’t like a colourful bird?

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