Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Wild Adventure

A Wild Adventure

On Monday the 15th of August five people from room 9 moved to room 10, I was one of them. Riiana, Leanah, Jozlo, Leaaepeni (A.K.A Peni) and I all moved. Our teacher Miss Misela was super sad but we were excited.
It is strange because we're going to be in a different class for the rest of the year! My new teacher is Mrs Buchanan, she is very nice and kind like Miss Misela. It's really exciting because we might be able to buy our own Chromebooks. I felt really weird in class on Monday because there's only five year five's and six-teen year six's in room 10. 

I really miss Miss Mielsa, sitting in room 9 and looking at all of room 9's art. 

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