Tuesday, 31 July 2018

You Butter (Better) Not Mess With my Chicken! - Cooking with Robati and Saluselo

This week at Tech we cooked butter chicken with rice. Cooking along side me was Robati and Saluselo.

Step 1 - Dice the chicken.
Step 2 - Fry the chicken until brown.
Step 3 - Take out the chicken into a white bowl.
Step 4 - Fry onion until soft.
- Add sauce,
- Add chicken.
Step 5 - Serve with rice.

Once we were finished we took a spoon and taste tested our completed dish. I thought the dish was very favourful and nicely cooked. Although, Robati did think it was a bit too spicy, Saluselo and I didn't mind the heat.

I am seriously considering making butter chicken again following,
Mrs Tuipulotu's recipe!


  1. Not too bad for the first time but you did a great job. Very interested how you rate the taste of your butter chicken, next time you will do it by follow the recipe without help from master chef.