Thursday, 2 August 2018

Kahurangi: Maori Myths and Legends

On Wednesday the 1st of August, a group of young, Maori performers came to our school.

The group was made up of two males and four females. They started their performance by singing Maori songs. Afterwards, they all introduced themselves one by one. We all said "Kia ora!" with our loudest voices.

Once they finished introducing themselves, they continued the on with the show. They retold a myth about a beatiful sea creature and a handsome man from the land. The man was madly inlove with the beatiful sea creature and so goes for the sea creature. There love was so strong that the man wished he could stay with her forever but sadly couldn't, the only way for that to be possible was to make the lovely maiden eat cooked food. The man tried to feed her cooked food in her sleep but she woke up from the smell of the cooked food. She ran away and became a rock under the sea upset.

That myth was my favourite one out of everything they performed. Hopefully one day they will come back and perform for us once again.

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