Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Power Of Science

The last two weeks of school Room 10 and 9 have joined forces to do science experiments together. We are mainly looking around sound. We are in 5 different groups, a mixture of Room 10 and 9. I am in a group with Agueer, Diego, Frank, Nurul, Riiana and Mary-Ruth. (Don't forget to check these amazing bloggers to!)

Different pitches and different objects make some sort of music. Vibrations and movement s one big part of sound. I have learnt so much about sound that, I believe I can actually make music with everyday objects thinking about the different pitches. It won't be hard because I understand how vibrations work.

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  1. Hi Jessica! How are you?? I have just come back from the gym and am starting to blog again with our awesome Winter Learning Journey programme bloggers. I'm really hoping that you will have time to join us again this holiday. I absolutely love blogging with you!

    See you online soon, I hope :)