Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ow! I Hate Mosquitoes!

Ow! Apologies, I whacked myself too hard! Insects such as fleas, head lice and mosquitoes bite us. Do you lie in your bed in the dark and you hear something? Do you ever feel like something is about to attack? This what I call a sneak attack! Mosquitoes are cold-blooded so they prefer temperatures over 80 degrees so, they LOVE summer.

“What happens BEFORE you get bitten by an insect?” Well a mosquito first starts probing for a thin-skinned area, preferably one close to a blood vessel. The mosquito injects numbing saliva before sucking blood. The mosquito can be very gentle that you don’t even know it’s there! This gives them an opportunity to repair and take our blood.

Do you hear a buzz noise? Mosquitoes well, female mosquitoes suck our blood and leave a little mark. If you have an itchy spot on your skin don’t scratch it too much. Why? Well here is your because, sometimes it can get infected. When the female mosquito finds a wound she injects her saliva into it. The female mosquito repairs your blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar which is better than getting a  bite… I can only imagine getting attacked by a male mosquito.what

Do you feel itchy? Fleas maybe one reason why. Fleas are really annoying, Why? Because fleas  are hard to kill. Do you ever smack a flea and think it’s dead? Well sorry but you’re wrong. To kill a flea you need to pop it between your finger nails. “Hey why do fleas bite us?” Well, fleas feed off warm-blooded host. They can survive without a host for two to three months but, they rather live longer.

“What happens AFTER you get bitten by an insect?” Well, after you are bitten by a mosquito they leave a little red mark on the bitten skin area. The bite doesn’t always start itchy right away. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours till you notice an itchy mark.


  1. A very interesting piece of writing. An explanation on what happens before and after. It is a loy like writing from personal experience isn't it? Well done!