Sunday, 2 April 2017

Chuck! Check! Cheer! - Ing

(Click on picture to see better)

For reading on Tuesday we did "Chuck! Check! Cheer!". We had to make up as many words as possible with the letters "Ing" in it. I have at least over one hundred words. I was very impressed with how many words I wrote. I really enjoyed this because I kept on having competitions with my group. 

I got a little help from my mum and dad. My dad decided to be a funny guy and add " Farting" when I wasn't looking. When I got back to my laptop I saw "Farting" there and started laughing hard out!


  1. Hi how many words did you get over one hundred Jessica?

    1. Hi Malia,
      I am not quite sure, but I do know I tried very hard to complete this piece of work.

  2. Hi Jessica like how you said that your dad add farting that made me laugh too so awesome
    and funny.