Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A New Adventure Awaits

This week my mum came into school to talk about me talking my Chromebook home! I was super-hyper. After my mum left I rushed to class to see if I was the first year 5 to be able to take my Chromebook home and… I was! It was a double win for me… Anyways my day was amazing it got even better when I got to take it home, to show my class blog, my blog and some of my work I’ve done so far!

Once I got home I told my mum about my Chromebook and she said ‘’You happy now’’ then I said ‘’I’m always happy!’’ We both laughed. I was so excited I want to be on my Chromebook for ages but I made sure I still had battery for the next day. I took a photo of me with my Chromebook very happily.

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